Dan's Recipes...

I have been meaning to put this on my blog for some time now so that family members have easy access to Dan's delicious roast beef recipe when today, I received my regular email from AllRecipe.com and lo and behold... here was Chef John's Prefect Prime Rib recipe which is exactly Dan's recipe !!!!  Well, all recipes originate from somewhere and, no, Dan didn't create this recipe, he only ate at a friends house once a long time ago and this was the meal that they prepared.  Dan couldn't get over how delicious it was as have many people that we have invited to dinner since. 
PS - see bottom of page for Dan's Roast Chicken recipe.

Chef John's Perfect Prime Rib... or.... Dan's Delicious Roast Beef

AND, of course, enjoy this with a bottle of Pino Noir from Hirsch Vineyards!